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PlantTracker = RFID + Barcodes + Marijuana

In an increasingly regulated and audited industry of legal marijuana production, PlantTracker provides you, as the grower or dispensor, with the inventory oversight and reporting capabilities that you need to ensure compliancy and profitability. PlantTracker is an easy to use tool that combines hardware, software, and an optional easy to use website.

PlantTracker offers accurate inventory with minimal variances. Backed with software from Pelican Technologies, PlantTracker reads existing RFID tags and stores the data read in real time. That data is accessible on the PlantTracker handheld hardware and optionally via a secure website.

Protect your investment and face the next state audit with confidence.

Leaf With RFID Tag

Plant Tracker...

Is User Friendly

Whether it be via a handheld or a desktop reader, users are able to quickly scan the barcodes or RFID tags affixed to plants (or other items of interest).

Is Versatile

The Plant Tracker software is adaptable to handheld RFID readers and local desktop readers to provide users with the most effective solution as determined by the environment.

Offers Item Management

Users are able to include and define information about their items scanned, such as the item's description, location, type, etc. Users are also able to define additional custom attributes tied to items scanned.

Offers Customized Reports

Included with the desktop reader is the ability for users to generate exportable reports based on the items scanned to allow for more extensive data handling.

Is Easy To Operate

Operations staff at your facility scans the plants. You get the reports and can track your inventory.

Is Easy To Grow

Additional users and readers can be added at anytime. PlantTracker can connect to your existing POS, and can interface directly with the state.

Contact Us For More Information.

Whether you're ready to embark on a new path to improve your inventory processes or looking for more information on the tools that we have to offer, we're here ready to assist you.